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Help us document neoan3

What do you do if people start using your project before you are prepared for a release?

The back-story: neoan3's predecesor is the conclusion of a framework originally designed to teach coding with a very low entry hurdle. As it matured several forks used in production were revised to a complete new approach into what is now the PHP framework neoan3. The challenge never changed: A framework suitable for the beginner with the stability, security and power of an all-purpose framework.

The code-base has always been open source under an MIT license, but rarely did external developers pick it up or watch the videos explaining particular use-cases or internal tutorials (e.g. Stateless JWT REST API).

What happend?

The cli-tool supporting neoan3 is versatile enough to be used without neoan3 as some of it's functionalities are useful helpers for a variety of code bases. This is why little attention was given to the fact that the tool was downloaded sometimes over a hundred times per day, sometimes only a few times a week. Recently the tool started to send a request whenever its command to download and install a neoan3 instance was executed. Due to a high respect for privacy it is not known where, who or why developers install & run neoan3, but that over 4000 instances are running with currently ~200 new instances a week.

Is that a problem?

Converting from "private tutoring" to solid documentation & resources cannot be done overnight and cannot be done alone. We therefore hope that people are willing to consider 

- contributing to the documentation

- share their experience, best practices, tips, recommendations, issues in whatever format they see fit

- support the project over-all

How can you help without a documentation?

If interested, you are encouraged to start by asking questions, submit issues on GitHub or reach out with direct messages. If you are more experienced, you will notice that the code base is very small and mostly self-explanatory. Feedback of any kind is appreciated.


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